Viking arm tool is stainless steel and aluminum in material form; it has a capacity of 150kg, an option base, standard base and optional base. The Viking arm tool also has mounting holes for safe operations hence making it a significantly good arm tool to use. 

Viking arm tool is a newly innovated tool that is now mainly used by masons to install things like cabinets in houses. The tool has increased productivity and ease of work as it has become a one-person job. The tool has replaced traditional tools that cannot carry out specific tasks such as lifting, compressing and tighten then things. It also saves money, considering it is a one-person job. It had some unique features that helped in the accomplishment of its uses. These are; it provides a sturdy and durable construction, it inspires creativity and good quality. The following are the Viking arm tool uses.

Used to lift

The Viking arm tool has a lifting capacity of 330 lbs or can lift to 150 kg. Viking arm tool is used to lift cabinets, doors, windows, among others, during installation due to the unique feature. It helps one lift the cabinet during installation with ease without a workforce. Using one force saves money and increases productivity since one works best. It also saves on time if the crew is included.

Used to press

Viking arm tool replaces the traditional instruments that cannot compress tight flooring and dry walls in small areas. Viking arm tools reach the places that other tools cannot operate on, making them more recommendable. The device is used to perform the task that standard tools can’t otherwise do.

Tighten in precision

Another important use of the Viking arm tool is to tighten the inaccessible hard flooring that traditional tools cannot do. It had a clamping used in-housed projects, woodworking and frame installation—the clamping assists in lifting and tightening the item being installed in a more friendly and convenient way.

In conclusion, How much does a Viking arm tool cost? Viking arm tool uses generally helps in a lot of ways, some of which are; increase in productivity and saving on money since one person can only use the tool, installation of cabinets with ease by oneself and finally, the device has replaced the traditional instruments that cannot perform such tasks. This ingenious tool also has easen up work for individuals who use their workforce rather than employing labourers.