Cheese is a product of milk compressed to a semi-liquid state. It is used for various purposes including making cheese sauce, adding flavor to soups, and making salads and snacks palatable. The quality of the cheese is greatly determined by the method of storage used. Proper storage methods not only retain the taste but also calcium, fats, and proteins present. The best method of storage is by use of cheese paper. This is a waxed and polythene-coated piece of paper designed specifically for the storage of cheese. The benefits of using cheese paper for storing cheese are explained below.


Enhances bacterial growth

The main process enhancing cheese taste is fermentation. This process is facilitated by bacteria which breaks down sugars in the cheese and releases methanol which makes the cheese good in taste. Storing the cheese in a cheese paper enhances bacterial growth by facilitating a balance in the moisture and regulating its freshness. The freshness of the cheese is always determined by bacteria present regardless of how old the cheese is.

Regulating moisture present in the cheese

The second benefit of using cheese paper for storing cheese is that it is designed to regulate moisture by absorbing excess and preventing drying up. It is coated with wax to absorb excess moisture, therefore, maintaining high-quality cheese. On the other hand, it is coated with polythene to prevent moisture loss which can cause salt crystallization. Crystallization of salt on the surface of cheese can greatly alter the taste of cheese and cause further dehydration. This makes the cheese consolidated and its nutrients preserved for a long time.

Facilitates air circulation

Another benefit of using cheese paper for storing cheese is that cheese paper is semi-permeable and can allow regulated air circulation. This prevents excess fermentation and removes carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen. This reduces chances of anaerobic respiration reducing excess production of methanol. Excess methanol makes the cheese bitter over time. Free circulation of air enhances aerobic respiration which simply leads to the production of carbon dioxide and water. This function of air regulation maintains the cheese fresh for a very long time. This feature is utilized by dairy companies and wholesale business enterprises.

Facilitates long storage

Apart from the mentioned benefits of using cheese paper for storing cheese, cheese paper is designed to last long and cannot be destroyed by external weather components. Unlike regular paper, it is not destroyed by humidity or water. This feature also prevents contamination of cheese by external contaminants as it provides a strong barrier in which the environmental contaminants cannot infiltrate. It also prevents the sun’s UV radiation from infiltrating and breaking the vital components, unlike the transparent carriers. Its strength also spares the packed cheese from external trauma which can tear the package. This makes it possible to transport under any weather condition.


The struggle by cheesemongers to produce fresh cheese for their consumers has now been solved by the introduction of cheese papers. The population can have quality and one free from contamination. It’s prudent to use this new packaging not only for business purposes but also to avoid food poisoning. The package is cheap compared to its benefits and easily affordable for all business owners from open-air marketers to hypermarket owner

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