The Right Treatment For The Right Nails

Manicures and pedicures should be done once a week. The reason for this is because the blood gets moved around the area and the circulation improves. Some people experience bruising or swelling but this should go away by itself after a couple of days.

The stylist will file the nails and apply a coat of a clear coat of nail polish. Then they will soak cotton balls in polish and place the cotton ball on each nail. The next step is to cut the cuticles. They will file the cuticles to give them a neater look.

There are also filled in nails that have no polish. These have an orange stroke over the whole nail just above the big toe nail. They are easy to paint over and help disguise the filled in nail.

The finished result looks great and they look healthy. The finished nails can be easily removed with soapy water and a nail file.

It should be noted that once the nail has been filed down the length of the nail it can stay on or be removed by twisting the nail gently in the palm.

There are also fake nails that are stuck to the finger and are known as fake nails. These nails are known as main locks and can be maintained by just trimming them as needed.

They are harder to trim and may require special tools to trim. Fake nails and nails extensions can be purchased at a beauty supply store or at a salon. A nail technician will apply them and create the style.

Then there are false nails and gel enhancements. These are also available at a beauty supply store. If you are looking for a nail salon there are several high end salons that have in house technicians to do the processes for you.

Typically if you go to a spa you will have to have your own tools, chemicals, and in some case a nail file. Nail art is really cool. According to the nail salon Vancouver you can get a great look at your nails with all sorts of designs.

You can match the color to your nail when they are in a certain mood. They give great descriptions of the moods when there are certain things done.

Overall, nails are very important and there are many tools that are necessary to keep them in great shape. A manicure and pedicure should be done once in a while to keep the nails healthy.